Tutorials: Banner Advertisements

The banner advertisement module can be inserted into your design with a simple point-and-click.  Visit this page if you need full instructions.

The Business of Advertising

Website owners must recruit and screen their advertisers.  To this end, each advertisement (image file) is submitted to the website owner from the potential advertiser.  To streamline this process, one of the 'advertisements' should be from the website owner asking potential advertisers to rent the space by clicking on the current ad.  The ad should contain a mailto link allowing the potential advertiser to contact the site owner quickly.  The website owner can then conduct the transaction on a person-to-person basis.

Configuring the Advertising Space

When you click the banner ad insertion the window in Figure I will open.

  • The first check box determines if the same set of advertisements will appear on every page or the website (sitewide), or if advertisements are page specific.
  • The drop-down determines if ads will appear in order or at random.
  • The timer check-box and the seconds work together.  If the timer is used, the current image will be replaced by one of the other images ever X seconds.
  • Multiple banner advertisement modules can be maintained so long as the "name" attributes have different values.  Different names will permit them to store and retrieve from separate image directories.  see code snippet...


The banner advertisement module can be used as a revenue stream or simply as a place on the page for dynamic media. (i.e.: images that change)

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