Tutorials: Getting Started

In this tutorial I will guide you through the construction and activation of a Zencil website.  To complete this tutorial you will need to download and install the Zencil DreamWeaver Toolbar.  To accelerate the learning process you may also choose to download the sample HTML files.  The sample files contain ready-to-go page designs, all you have to do is install the Zencil features and activate the site by following this tutorial.

  1. The Zencil Dreamweaver Toolbar requires registration. If you have not registered, please click here. Yes, it's free.
  2. The Zencil Dreamweaver Toolbar requires Extension Manager (but you probably already have this) - Mac :: Windows
  3. Watch a shorf, un-edited, how-to video clip of a custom content management system being built in under 10 minutes.

Installing the Zencil Tools onto DreamWeaver

  1. Save the toolbar installation file to your desktop by clicking the download link above.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded file.  The file should open in the Macro media Extension Manager and the installation process will continue there.
  3. After the installation is complete, open DreamWeaver and create a new HTML document.
  4. Depending on how your copy of DreamWeaver is configured - you  will see one of two toolbars is now available to you.  (Image previews in right-hand column of this page.)
  5. CS4 users may need to open Extension Manager and turn on Zencil with a little check box.

Try it Yourself

If you would like to try building a Zencil website, but do not currently have a project on the go — you can use our sample project.

Extracting the HTML from the ZIP

ZIP is a compressed file format.  PC users can extract these files using Win ZIP.  Mac users can extract these files using Stuff IT.  Note that you will need to be able to create ZIP files later in this tutorial.

Figure II: Zencil toolbar in menu view
Figure II: Zencil toolbar in menu view
Figure I: Zencil toolbar in tab view
Figure I: Zencil toolbar in tab view
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