Zencil DreamWeaver Toolbar: General Overview

This toolbar installs easily onto DreamWeaver and with it — you will be able to add the power of Content Management, e-Revenue, or both to your web designs.

Tech Notes

  • Each new toolbar release and each new Zencil module will be compatable with older Zencil websites.  So, if a new module comes out that you would like to add to one of your previous projects — that's ok with us.
  • For those of you who prefer to hand code, we have provided sample code for each module.

The Zencil DreamWeaver Toolbar v3.0.8

Supplier Showcase


Allows the owner of the website to incorporate third-party software and content solutions into their website.



  Allows the owner of the website to incorporate thrid-party, server-site applications and content into their website.

Hit Counter

  Keeps count of how many people have viewed a web page.

Display Page Title


Prints the page title into your HTML such that it can be styled easily.


Content Area


Inserts an editable text region into your page design that can be updated by the owner of the website via a full featured text editor.


Replaceable Flash Media


Creates a place holder on the page where a flash file can be displayed.  The owner of the website can replace this flash piece with new ones (which they will likely order from you).


Replaceable Image


Creates a place holder on the page where an image file can be displayed.


Replaceable Rollover Image(s)


Creates a place holder on the page where a rollover image pair can be displayed.


Photo Gallery


Allows the owner of a website to maintain an image gallery.  This module takes a lot of the work out of building an online image gallery. Essentially, two copies of the uploaded image are created — one small, high quality preview, and one larger, web friendly copy.  The original is discarded.


Navigation Scheme


Dynamic navigation allows the owner of the website to add and remove links within the main navigational area(s).  As a designer, you may choose to employ any of the five major navigation schemes, then style them to fit your mood.  When the owner of the site adds a new link it will adopt your styling.


Breadcrumb Navigation


Help » people » navigate


Search Bar

  Help visitors find what they are looking for on a site.

Product Catalog


Allows the owner of a website to build and maintain an online store front. Surfers will be able to shop, check-out, and pay by credit card or PayPal money transfer.


Banner Advertisements


The banner advertisement module can be used by the website owner to manage a set of images.  Each image can be associated with a web address.  The module displays one image at a time. When an image is clicked, the associated web address is loaded.


Member Access

  Allow visitors to purchase IDs and passwords to a view protected website content.
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